Centrifuge Tinlake —Tokenized Assets in DeFi
Tinlake allows you to tokenize your real-world assets and use them in the decentralized finance ecosystem to take out loans.
Tokenize your assets

With Tinlake we dramatically simplify the process of accessing decentralized finance for previously illiquid assets. Assets that can be represented on-chain as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be financed using the Tinlake infrastructure. The NFT is an on-chain representation of an individual real-world asset which becomes tradable, assignable and easily fundable. Tinlake supports many types of collateral such as financial documents, real-estate or royalties and can tap into multiple funding sources.
Borrow in DeFi

Tinlake enables you to borrow money in a stable digital currency such as DAI. In return for locking NFTs into a Tinlake smart contract, fungible ERC-20 tokens are minted. Each Collateral Value Token (CVT) represents a fraction of the bundled collateral and the ERC-20 standard facilitates adoption to the current market. This enables you to tap into the DeFi lending protocols currently available and receive your loan.

Transparent Governance
Collateral management assumes the responsibilities of underwriting and valuing the assets, as well as keeping a balanced portfolio. In case of a payment default, collateral governance manages the liquidation of the assets.
Tinlake facilitates transparency of the collateral pool at any time and supports different ways to add collateral types.
Centrifuge OS & Tinlake: A perfect match
Tinlake is built by Centrifuge. Centrifuge OS is an open, decentralized platform to connect the global financial supply chain. Its protocol delivers a standard way to tokenize illiquid real-world assets and turn them into tradable assets. Documents are exchanged via an off-chain protocol implemented on a scalable and secure p2p network. Via Centrifuge these cryptographically signed documents can be tokenized on chain and traded as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), hence offering a seamless way to push collateral into Tinlake. This is done without any intermediary, loss of privacy or dependance on a central party.
MakerDAO is the largest on-chain lending facility on Ethereum. It's native currency, Dai, is a stable and decentralized asset-backed currency. By locking up assets in a Maker collateralized debt position (CDP) anyone is able to draw Dai - without a counterparty. Tinlake's process to pool tokenized real-world assets in order to borrow Dai is an easy way for anyone to get their collateral into the Maker system.
Compound is one of the most efficient protocols in DeFi to obtain instant funding. By integrating Tinlake, users can borrow against their cryptocurrency holdings. Users can tokenize their financial documents and obtain instant financing while investors can get exposure to these asset classes by funding dedicated asset pools on Compound.
We work with a broad range of asset origination platforms that are looking to offer additional financing services to their existing customer base or are interested in tapping into alternative financing sources. The platforms operate in different markets such as invoice financing, real estate and logistics. Complementarily, we collaborate with capital providers - both fiat and crypto - that want exposure to these types of assets.

If you want to unlock value that has previously been inaccessible for your company and/or customers or if you are an investor looking to diversify your investment portfolio please reach out. We are interested in your needs and potential!

Maker's MCD
Compound liquidity pools
Build with Tinlake
Centrifuge builds Tinlake as a decentralized application (dApp) powered by Centrifuge OS, the decentralized operating system for the financial supply chain. Tinlake is a new set of software tools to operate and manage the collateralization and financing of assets. Centrifuge is neither installing, running, operating nor controlling any collateralization or financing offer using Tinlake.

Tinlake is published as open source software. Any entity or person providing services by using Tinlake shall commit to using it at their own risk and with full responsibility. Centrifuge does not give any warranty or representation, whether expressly or implied, of any kind related to the usage of Tinlake, nor does Centrifuge take any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages related to the usage of Tinlake, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise. Centrifuge will not be liable for loss of profits, sales, business, or revenue, business interruption, anticipated savings, business opportunity, goodwill or reputation or any indirect or consequential loss or damage.